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How I Organize My Prototype Flows In My Files

Before online collaboration design tools, like Figma and micro, I was tasked to maintain the prototype working file for the MoneyJar project. This project has a lot of micro flows we were showcasing to pitch the app’s concept. There were 9 different flows/screens that were explored and designed.

At first, the layout for my art boards increased from left to right horizontally but scrolling left and right was a pain point for myself. I wanted to utilize the scrolling gesture for the mouse that I was more comfortable with and that’s the up and down motion. I decided to organized my art boards vertically and to keep organized I grouped the user flows we were designing for.

Now that I have my user flows group and placed vertically I organized the file a bit more. I created two column: the left column displayed the first page of the respective pages and the right column displayed different variations of the respective pages. I also made sure to title the rows of the name of the pages.

The feedback from my team were that my file was easy to navigate and organized. My method works for me and I also use elements outside my art boards to create my table. I have been using this method/layout since 2019 (if I change it I’ll update this blog). If you do use this method/layout please let me know, I would love to hear if you prefer this method/layout or discover new pain points!

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