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Learning P5.js

During my last semester at DePaul University, I took a game design course that focused on web-based games. I took this course as a fun course while I was taking my capstone. I assumed that a fun class will balance the stressful ones and I thought this additional knowledge would pair nicely with my current knowledge in JS, JQuery, HTML5 and CSS3 . My assumption was right because I enjoyed the class and learned more about JavaScript. P5.js is a JavaScript library for creative coding.

A lot of my assignments consisted of creating small games using online game generators to explore game concepts and other online media. Towards the end of the semester we started using P5.js and was tasked for our final project to create a mini game completely in P5.js.

My game was created in the P5.js. The premiss of the game is the camper (you) lost their car keys at the campsite and needs to find them using only a flashlight. Once the keys are obtained the camper can head to their car. I forgot to mention that a few ghost are hovering around trying to catch you. Your goal as the camper is to navigate in the dark, find your keys, and go back to the car all while trying to avoid getting caught by ghost!

You can play my game below or click the link here.

View my other small test projects on my p5.js account.

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