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Why I Volunteer

During my journey to finds way to gain experience as a UX/UI Designer, I learned that volunteering was a good start. But that only developed a new question: How do I start?

First Approach: Google

The only organization that I have volunteered for was “Habitat for Humanity” but I knew my design skills wouldn’t be the skill set needed for helping to build homes. So I googled way to volunteer as a designer. I first stumbled upon GoVolunteerMatch and LinkedIn post for volunteering but I wouldn’t receive a response to the status of my inquiry.

Second Approach: Networking

When I was working as a Design QA tester, I spoke about want to volunteer for opportunities that will allow me to experience real life work. I was directed to

Another organization was mentioned to me when networking through the LinkedIn community. During a coffee chat, I was directed to

I have found success with and By partnering with them, I have been able to work with organizations that have shown nothing but appreciation for my work. The appreciation and affects from my work helps to strengthen my passion for this industry. I have also gain experience working with clients. I have learned many things such as: how to be considerate of my clients time, learned to organize and prepare for meetings, learned how to walk my clients through my design decisions, and learned to work with others.

When I started my journey for experience and finding it from volunteer work. I not only gain useful experience but I also came to admire the organization leaders and staff for having amazing missions. I have also loved donating my time to learn about the process and helping to strengthen their technology based tools. I highly recommending using whatever skills you may have in helping nonprofit organization, no small task is unappreciated.

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