The Approach

If VidRecruit was a real website, I would have to create a mobile version where users can upload their video and post on their profile. For this project, I wanted to create a mobile version of the idea first.

Here are the tasks needed to be down to create the mobile version:
  • 1. Narrow down the features the site offers.
  • 2. Figure out what designs best make sense for the purpose of the site.
  • 3. Design the site in stages: Profile/Dashboard, Upload video, Video gallery, Login/Sign Up, Applying for a job.
  • 4. Wireframe design.
  • 5. Prototype design.


Allowing users to connect will be a great way to network, post articles, ask for advice and read about user’s experiences.

Profiles for Users and Companies

Profiles act as a form of resource for users who want to know more about other users or companies they will like to associate themselves with.

Save Job Listings

Having the option to save job listings gives the user an opportunity to browse the app during a time when they are in a rush or if they would like to come back to the listing to review it at a later time.


Adding filters will help users narrow their search to view a listing that is more compatible with the position they are seeking.

Treejack Test

Because the website offers pre-recorded videos a video gallery would let users store multiple videos so that users can recycle them.

Conduct Interview Functionality

Conducting interviews is the most important feature, this feature separates VidRecruit from other networking websites. Users will be able to schedule a video chat with hiring teams or they can pre-record an interview that will be timed. Interview questions will also be prompted on the screen during the recording

  • - Timer: A timer prevents videos from being too long. Employers will have the option of adding a timer and adjust the time spent per question or duration of the video.
  • - Caption: Interview questions will appear in the form of a caption during the interview recording. Including questions will control the focus of the video and serve as an aid for Employers to help narrow down their candidates.

Status Page

A status page will serve as a resource for users who have applied for a position. Having a status page will also eliminate the number of users who would contact the employers about the status of their application

UI Patterns

Below are a few UI patterns I'd like to show you based on usability testing and my learnings.

Interviewing Process

Application Status